Titanium Plate manufacturers produce different types and sizes of the plate. There are different grades of the plats produced for different purposes. Some commercially pure titanium plates are produced so that they could be used in the production of secondary applications like kitchen utensils and jewelries. Some alloyed plates are produced so that they could be used in making other applications like storage containers. The applications of the titanium products are huge. Due to the high strength and low corrosion rate of the material, it is used from very high end industries like the aerospace industries to very low and domestic usages like the kitchen appliances. The titanium plate is manufactured in sheets and then is stoked or transported.

When the exact size of the plate is known, the sheet is then cut down to pieces of desired sizes and sold. Some applications like the storage containers require larger sheets to eliminate the number of welded joints. Some other applications require smaller sizes of plates such as the architectural and medical applications. So the titanium sheet is then cut down to the desired sizes. Sometimes the sheets are used in structural applications such as transportation and construction as well. The mechanical properties required by applications differ and the quality and grade of the metal also differs. A generally used type of titanium is the grade five titanium alloy. Its widespread usage has made it readily available in the market. The titanium grade 5 sheet is sold at reasonable price due to the high availability in the market.