If you are looking forward to giving your walls a new look, then plasters are ideally the best way to go. It is the easiest and most effective method that one can use to renovate the walls and give them a brand new appearance. Not only your walls, but the ceilings can also be redone by having a new plaster done over it.

But getting done with new plasters is not an easy job to fulfill, specially when people are bombarded with thousands of advices online. There are many different articles suggesting which is the best way to ace it. There are a lot of things to consider. Here are some of the most essential ones.

How long will it take for the plaster to settle?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule with this. How long the plaster takes to settle strongly depends on the type of plaster you opt for. Different types of plaster have different drying time durations. Here are some of the common plasters and the time they take to settle:

  1. Bonding – 2 hours
  2. Multi finish – 1 / 1.5 hours
  3. One coat – 2 / 2.5 hours

The important thing to consider here is that you should wait for plaster to have settled before you attempt to repaint it. Not following this might make all your efforts go down the drain.

When should one start applying the new plaster?

This is one of the most common questions that people genuinely ask when they attempt the new plasters. As mentioned above, it is necessary to make sure the surface is dry enough before you begin the next part of the job. Besides that, one should also consider whether they are using plasterboard or backing plaster for plastering. Backing plaster might take about a week to get dried while the plasterboard might only take 3 days max. It is better however, to wait about a week before you start off again.

Is mist coat necessary?

Whenever you hear about plastering a wall or a ceiling, mist coat is considered to be an important part of it. It is almost inevitable that you can go through the whole thing without the mist coat. It helps the emulsion to bond perfectly with the surface for good texture. Often people feel that if the paint is drying quickly, it’s good. However, this is not a good sign as this would mean that it will start peeling off sooner rather than later. Your paint will not last long if this is the case. Check out DFN Plaster Products to get the best range of plaster products available.

Can we speed up the drying time?

As we have discussed above that drying is the right for the wall and we should not intervene it by any chance. However, if there is some urgency and one wishes to dry up the wall quickly, then dehumidifier is a common option used. One must be very careful when using it as swift removal of the moisture might cause some cracks or defects in the wall that would take all your efforts down the drain. The advisable way to go about this is by waiting for wall to dry naturally.