Self-storage can save your home and your sanity. If you have to climb over piles of belongings to even sit on the sofa, then you may soon even prefer being at work to home. And, that’s no way to live your life. Whether clutter is a temporary or permanent fixture of your home, then, getting rid can make you feel much better.

The good news is that storage units like those found on are now readily available in the majority of locations. With that in mind, there really is no excuse for leaving your home overloaded any longer.

To get self-storage right, though, it’s vital to note there are a wide variety of unit sizes on offer, and each can suit a different decluttering need. To make sure you get the best for your money while still gaining the space you need, then, it’s vital to take a little time considering sizing before you sign up for any unit.

In the majority of cases, self-storage units are around 7ft tall, with variations in the square footage available. The trouble is that it can be challenging to envision which option would fit when you’re looking at numbers on a screen. That’s why we’re going to break things down with a 25 square foot self storage unit size guide.

What could 25 square feet fit?

Firstly, you’ll want some idea of what could actually fit in a 25 square foot unit. Above all, you want to guarantee that you can put everything you need into a unit like this. In general terms, a 25 square feet unit is around the size of a telephone box or small shed. It’s ideal for those looking to store seasonal goods or clear individual rooms during renovations or decoration. It should be possible to fit around 40 medium boxes here. When stacked right, you may even find that the height of this unit allows you to store the entire contents of your living room, sofa included.

Benefits of choosing a 25 square foot unit

As you can expect, storage costs rise alongside the size of the unit. Given that the 25 square foot unit is one of the smallest on offer, the main benefit is the ability to save money. With well-planned loading, you should even find that you’re able to store more for less with a unit like this.

How to decide whether 25 square feet is enough for you

The last thing you want is to pay in advance for a unit which isn’t big enough. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make sure that doesn’t happen. Often, storage companies provide storage size estimators to help you select the right option. Even if this isn’t available, speaking to members of staff at the facility in question should serve you. They’ll be able to guide you on the perfect storage unit size by merely listening to what you intend to keep there. Then, you can sign up without any significant space disasters.