Landing page holds a lot of significance in attracting and retaining viewers to a website. Unfortunately, there are website designers who make a list of mistakes that destroys the page design and fails to accomplish the purpose.

Here, let’s get to know about some of these mistakes that would not just make you aware of them but also how to fix them, so as to boost your profits and conversions.

No clear-cut call to action

It is important to tell visitors what action they are trying to make. It has to be crystal clear and obvious. Website builders are easy to use software that helps users to create websites without doing any coding.

A lot of options

Ensure that you remove the clutter from the landing page. This will help you focus on a single and desired conversion. If you don’t do this, then confused consumers will drive away from the website.

Asking for too much of information

Your visitors have recently met you. Don’t bog them by asking them a lot of questions to get as much information as possible from them. This will scare them and make them leave. Beware of this mistake.

What you need to do is to ask for little amount of information at the first meet. When you build a relationship with them, then it will form more opportunities to share more information with them.

So much text

Visitors generally come to the landing page to get their problem solved and not to read a boring essay which they are not interested in. It is required to keep the content focused, relevant and short.

Consideration of line height, font type, font size, font color is important at the time of designing landing pages.

Not keeping your promises

The landing page should deliver the promise. It implies the headline, content, and offer on the landing page. All this must match the promise made by you to visitors to reach there.

Ensure that the phrases and keywords that have been used by you in your Facebook posts, tweets, pay-per-click advertisements, LinkedIn messages, etc. to display on the landing page.

Visual distraction

Your landing page design does not have to be pretty but to assist the motive of the brand.

Lack of trust

Trust is the main factor that would make visitors buys your product and services. Speed up the process of trust-building by showcasing trustworthy logo, certifications, seals and client logos on the landing page.


So, these are some of the mistakes in landing page designs that you must avoid to make your website impressive.