Do you need someone to manage your Self Managed Super Funds? There are many companies in Australia that offer services for comprehensive accounting, compliance and taxes on your SMSF.

They are the specialists who have the relevant experience, expertise and knowledge on the subject. They believe in providing high quality of service with client care as priority. They charge the client as low as $1500 for their SMSF accounting needs, which includes the Auditor’s fee as well and no hidden costs afterwards. An SMSF firm basically comprises of Chartered Accountants and SMSF Tax Advisers who have the client’s benefit in mind.

Why an SMSF Advisor?

The SMSF advisers hired will help you initially in setting up your fund. They will then manage the taxation, accounting and audit related to your SMSF. Finally, they also advise you on commencing pension on your super funds. You can be assured of sound and practical advice for your SMSF requirements.

The services offered by the SMSF firms are flexible and they change according to the client requirements, with a trustworthy approach. The client and his SMSF are very well looked after by the company hired.

You might need your financial information from time to time. The SMSF specialists are the technical experts who will provide complete solutions to your financial queries, full service accounting and compliance reporting on time.

Meet your Goals

Once you set up a Self Managed Super Fund, you can reap its benefits in achieving both your short term and long term retirement goals. The SMSF firm will help you take control of your superannuation investments.

Setting up an SMSF gives you the ability to reflect on your current lifestyle needs, the changing circumstances and the market trends and conditions thereon. SMSF has helped many Australian families in the management and growth of their own wealth.

The exceeds of SMSF will help you in making investments in cash and term deposits, fixed income deposits, Global and Australian shares, Commercial and Residential property, physical commodities and collectables.

Law Favoring SMSF

If the client has a structured arrangement, the Australian law has also facilitated the purchase of a real property from SMSF. The investment can be made in both residential as well as the commercial sector. However, the structure has to be thorough in order to enter into a purchase of property agreement via SMSF.

Upgrade your SMSF

With the help of the SMSF firms, the client has a complete access to his finances regarding SMSF even online. He need not await a quarterly or annual financial summary to take financial decisions. The investments that he makes over a period are duly reported by his advisers immediately. Even the procurement of the financial data of the client from his investment providers or banks can directly be dealt with by his accountants. This will make the yearend audit easier to manage, with less paperwork involved in the process.

When you are looking for SMSF Set Up, you can rely on iCare Super. The company tailors your short term and long term investments to suit your future goals.