Strengthening your company’s identity and access management (IAM) ensures that even a group of highly trained computer ninjas cannot breach your data and access your mines. Cybercriminals today will focus on the credentials of your people to break through your systems. Without effective management of user identity and access, your company will be extremely vulnerable to breaches. Below are some ways to effectively manage access and identity in your company:

Implementing Two-Factor Authentication

Passwords can be compromised. But, two-factor authentication (2FA) makes it hard for thieves to gain access.  This is the standard best practice that companies of all sizes should use. In case of a compromised password, 2FA protects access by requiring another set of information like a fingerprint or SMS code. Implementing 2FA does not have to be overwhelming as many companies that offer the necessary technologies.

Monitoring User Behaviors

IAM technology can monitor the behavior of users throughout the system. The ability to see what your users are doing in the system provides you with more insight into the applications and data they are accessing. Also, you will be alerted of any sudden changes in their behavior. You will be able to identify suspicious activity like multiple failed password attempts or a login from a new IP address.

Enforcing the Principle of Least Privilege

Controlling privileged access to applications, systems, and networks is an important component of IAM. Effective privileged access management (PAM) is closely aligned with the separation of duties within a company. User accounts should only be given access to technology to complete their tasks. Organisations need to develop policies that define the access to be given, aligned the controls they will deploy with the risks, and ensure consistency across the organisation.

Encrypting Data

Encryption protects access to data and communication no matter their location. The data can include data in transit and data at rest within or beyond the traditional network perimeter. Encryption involves placing controls on data and communications that would otherwise be hard to protect.

Managing Bot and Device Identities Effectively

Bots and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are expected to swarm into the business environments. Businesses need to ask the right questions of their companies and look out for automation programs that might be making bots and hoc. To meet identity governance standards, they must be ahead of the curve. Every company needs to have procedures in place to manage access to bots and IoT devices when appropriate.