Marketing has been in existence ever since business and trade became popular. Before the digital era began, people used to do offline marketing, which included organizing seminars, putting up canopies, going door to door for product promotion & display, conferences, events, etc. This type of marketing is popular even today, but now businesses have slowly started getting into online marketing. As an entrepreneur, it’s critical for you to learn online marketing Hong Kong and how it works. Unless you learn about online marketing and how it’s different from off-line marketing, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to make the most out of it.

Offline marketing follows traditional approach in which you hire many employees and deploy all of them in the field to meet new people and turn them into paid customers. Online marketing does the exact same thing without deploying a large workforce in the field. In fact, you can hire one or two employees and still acquire tens of thousands of users in a very short period without stepping out of your office. All this is done with the help of Google and other search engines along with social media platforms.