Denmark is a crucial hub for worldwide freight which is based on a great and modern transport system, that is well considered by shipping companies and freight services companies worldwide. Possibly the best known landmark from the Denmark transport infrastructure is really a outstanding task of engineering that’s a boost towards the efficiency of freight forwarding between Denmark and Norway – The Oresund Bridge. It has the excellence to be a long combined rail and road bridge in Europe. There’s also other important bridges in Denmark which help facilitate effective freight forwarding by shipping companies in the united states. Included in this are the Storstrom Bridge linking the hawaiian islands of Sjaelland and Falster and also the Little Belt Bridge that links Fyn and Jutland.

The street product is well engineered as well as well-maintained right across Denmark, so it’s well used by freight services. Many a freight company and shipping company happen to be pleased through the new train and auto link which connects Sjaell and Fyn. Denmark has over 70.000 km of paved roadways and 900 km of express ways.

The railway system has around 3000 km, which around one fourth is independently owned. Just the Copenhagen S train network and also the mainline Helsingor-Copenhagen-Padborg are electrified at the moment. All Danish railways are standard gauge, however. Particularly, freight forwarders make considerable utilization of freight transport by train between Norway and Germany.

Along with the many impressive engineering facets of the transport system in Denmark, there’s also some helpful initiatives which make the transport system much more effective for freight forwarders. For instance, The Oresunde Bridge crosses the border between Denmark and Norway however the so-known as Schengen Agreement means there aren’t any passport controls. This can be a big help for any freight company, saving energy and for that reason money.

The Danish merchant fleet can also be quite strong, with more than 300 ships with a minimum of 1000 GRT. Nearly all these ships fit in with the Danish Worldwide Registry. It is really an offshore registry programme for shipping firms that enables foreign ships to sail underneath the Danish flag. It’s interesting to notice that Denmark was the very first country to make use of motor-driven ships which pioneering approach has set the nation in good stead with regards to its freight services infrastructure. It’s understandable that Denmark has numerous excellent ports and harbours, which Copenhagen may be the most significant.

There’s also over 100 airports in Denmark, of that one fourth have paved runways. Kastrup Airport terminal near Copenhagen may be the center of worldwide freight air traffic.

This efficient freight transport product is vital because Denmark depends on move. Previously, farming products composed the majority of Danish exports as well as the last 4 decades approximately, industrial exports have exceeded farm products in importance for freight forwarding.

The main exports from Denmark are actually machinery, instruments, iron, steel and clothing in addition to food products, for example pork, pork, milk products and fish. The Usa would be the largest non European buying and selling partner, comprising 5% of total Danish merchandise trade. The most important exports towards the U . s . States are industrial machinery, chemicals, furniture, pharmaceuticals and canned pork and pork. Meanwhile, aircraft, computers, machinery and instruments are some of the major US exports creating worldwide freight to Denmark.