Commercial building’s HVAC system will not only keep the temperature consistent but also it can have a major impact on the productivity level, energy bills and safety.

Adequate preventative maintenance program will be critical to make sure that the system can function properly and efficiently. However, even your most well-maintained equipment too will need repairing time to time,

especially if you ever experience any of the following:

  • Poor indoor quality of air or odor
  • Strange or unfamiliar sound
  • Uneven heating or cooling all throughout your building
  • System efficiency loss
  • Unexpected rise in cooling and heating cost

In case, you ever noticed any of the above warning signs, then it is time to call professionals for commercial HVAC repair in Phoenix. All these issues usually arise due to few common problems which are as given below.

  • Lack of maintenance

You must invest on preventive maintenance of your HVAC system of your building. If you neglect this then eventually any minor HVAC problems will become the reason for major repair expenses.

Regular services and checkup can prevent most of the HVAC performance problems as service technicians can identify and also correct issues which prevent the equipment from getting desired performance.

  • Dirty/clogged filter

Worn out or dirty filters can make your AC unit to work with difficulty as a result will increase energy bill and reduce life of the system. Regular monitoring and timely replacement of filters will make sure of optimal HVAC performance.

Also, it can improve the air quality of the building by preventing dust, allergens, and any other air pollutants.

  • Leaking refrigerant

These refrigerants are contained within coils of HVAC system, that will cool and dehumidify the indoor air. If your unit does not have sufficient refrigerant, it may not do the job and may not produce very cold air.

The interior of the building will be too hot and uncomfortable and causes condenser work overtime and this leads to additional and expensive problems.

  • Thermostat malfunctions

Your thermostat actually regulates the timing as well as amount of hot/cold air that your unit has to produce. Hence, when your thermostat will be defective then your building may suffer from intermittent fluctuation of temperature, impacting your comfort.

  • Improper air balance

All the hot or cool air which comes out of the vents will travel through a series of ducts prior to reaching each room. Dampers will help controlling this by airflow reduction in one line to allow more conditioned air flowing to the other areas.