Prefabricated corrugated board cartons and cardboard boxes are used to pack goods and materials. The corrugated carton has a fluted inner layer, while the cardboard box doesn’t. The former is a combination material of one/two flat liner-boards, which has a wavy corrugated medium stuck to it.

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Did you know the cardboard box was introduced in the year 1817, in England? It was not corrugated but a simple box. Since then there have been multiple incarnations, which you will read in the next paragraph.

Evolution of cardboard boxes

  • In 1856, little rigid paper got patented and was applied only as hat liner at the start.
  • In 1871, a simple cardboard box got introduced as a solution for handling goods and shipping purposes.
  • After 3 years of effort, large quantities of cardboard was created, which is popular today.
  • In 1980, pre-cut single-board foldable pieces were invented.
  • In 1895, the corrugated boxes started to be manufactured in the US.

Before cardboard boxes were introduced, wooden crates were the main means that helped to move materials. Wooden crates were very expensive and could not be replicated on a large scale. In the 1900s, the wooden crates got replaced with corrugated shipping cartons or containers.

Application of corrugated cardboard material

  • Corrugated boxes are frequently used to pack, store, and ship products to a variety of destinations like a warehouse, factories, retail stores, and customers.
  • Single wall corrugated sheet is great for layering pad on the pallets to spread weight and keep product tops dust-free in the storage.
  • Reuses of corrugated cardboard are gift packaging, moving, fire starter, kids craft, storing items and more.

Cool facts about corrugated cardboard

  • More than 95% of products delivered in the US use corrugated boxes.
  • Half of the total paper that gets recycled in America is corrugated paperboards.
  • Used corrugated boxes are called OCC or Old Corrugated Containers by the paper recyclers.

Never take packaging boxes for granted because without them shipping operations would have suffered. Moreover, they are sustainable options as you can reuse and recycle the material with ease.

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