A few days ago I met by having an old friend for coffee. After receiving an unpredicted telephone call from work, she apologetically whipped out her laptop to behave on her boss really quick. I did not mind- actually, I learned something very valuable.

She was using Sharepoint, and that i experienced first hands how difficult it had been on her to login and obtain began. After I requested her about this, she provided an exasperated look and responded “That isn’t even the start of my issues with Sharepoint.”

She demonstrated me then the way the program constantly requested on her login ID and password multiple times throughout her work session and just how difficult it had been to locate simple documents. I requested her how she solved the machine bugs, and when she’d reported these to her IT department, and she or he shrugged and stated “No… All of us just cope with it.”

Inside a huge enterprise company for example hers, I’d believe that the amount of expectations for his or her company Intranet could be high. In her own esteemed firm of countless a large number of financial consultants, I’d think that impeccable precision, documentation and communication between remote offices could be top priority. And I’d think that since they are having to pay a lot for any collaboration platform, they’d expect any bugs or difficulties to become addressed and solved as quickly as possible. I had been wrong.

Granted, Microsoft Sharepoint could possibly be the perfect fit for many companies who’re ready for an extended deployment because they have a powerful IT department. After full deployment, Sharepoint users can dive deep into extensive workflow solutions, electronic form creation, data analysis and much more. However the proper deployment of Sharepoint may take lengthy several weeks of planning and implementation- several weeks that the company, possibly, can’t afford to get rid of.

The grounds for this short article today – why aren’t enterprise companies that aren’t finding Sharepoint appropriate for his or her company seeking other options? The only real reasons I’m able to consider are 1) existing loyalty to Microsoft, or 2) they’re simply not aware that other Sharepoint Alternatives are available (quite effectively).

Concerning the “existing loyalty to Microsoft”, nobody should ever extend their loyalty to each single product any industry giant produces. Apple people who use computers frequently prefer Ms Word over Apple text editors, and “Computers” frequently use iPods over Zunes. Microsoft may produce Word, the top writing application, however that does not always mean they provide the very best collaboration solution.

Understanding of options to Sharepoint is distributing quickly- although not quickly enough. A large number of enterprise information mill still replying on the clumsy and unpredictable Intranet for his or her every single day communication, while wasting sources and money that may be allotted with other needed projects and ventures.