So times are slow, huh? I suppose it should be time for you to role in the welcome pad and stop hunting. And, while your in internet marketing, stop advertising, because, well, who needs to understand about your business anyway, right?

Shockingly, this is one way many small companies think when business is slow. What small business proprietors don’t appear to think about is the fact that unless of course they’re advertising their services or products, even their established customers won’t want to keep doing business together. This thinking, obviously, means their business continues on the downhill trajectory. Essentially, reducing advertisements in slow times can cost you your business later on. Therefore, even if you’re facing some troubles today, don’t fully ignore your advertising rather reduce things that will not leave their impact on your business or its status. For instance, if you are leasing company equipment, consider forgoing a couple of luxuries and purchasing essentials rather to take down monthly expenses.

But reducing promoting an building your business is the wrong solution in slower times. The truth is in slow times around 80 % of the efforts ought to be on marketing, advertising, as well as other type of client cultivation… including current clients. Actually, current clients generally is one of the very best places that you should you’re employed on growing your business again, because getting those who have done business along with you previously to re-build relationships you may be simpler and lest pricey than attracting new clients.

Among the old adages in advertising is the fact that “constancy is paramount” The thing is that you would like to create your ad dollars carry you thru future slow times, by branding both you and your business with individuals who know you, you are able to encourage cash to keeping coming with the door. Which means you you ant to become consistent and try to have your brand as well as your offer available in whatever marketing or advertising mechanisms take advantage sense for both you and your business.

Allow me to provide you with a good example: in 2008, clearly a difficult economic time worldwide, the meals product giant, General Mills, not just ongoing advertising, however they really elevated their ad budget by 11 percent. This is what their chief marketing officer needed to say as he was interview about this by Business Week: “brands that still expand and provide hope and optimism, in the past prosper.” This is exactly why you need to continue being available in tough times.

Here are a handful of quick tips with regards to why and the way to be marketing and advertise when times are tough:

1) Be a tougher negotiated together with your advertising salespeople. Obtain a better deal than a single you have. Have more ads for what you’re having to pay, or extend anything for any lower rate.

2) Focus your marketing investment on re-engaging your present clients. It may be significantly less costly to talk with individuals who know you. Think email or special “return” junk mail campaigns. Even Facebook target marketing could work with current and previous customers.

3) Keep in mind that your competition might be reducing, making this a perfect time to obtain the upper hands inside your marketplace.