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    2012 was a great year for us, so we wanted to kick the new year off right the only way we know how: By making video games.

    Last week, we decided to have what we’ve dubbed the WEEKEND OF SETS, which spawned 3 games:

    First we released Kastle, a one-button auto-runner about modern day (or possibly futuristic) castles. It was our #1GAM entry for Januari.


    Read more about Kastle here or play it here!  

    Then, Andrew unleashed the 4 player K.O.T.S. The game is about tiny gunslingers with big guns to sling, trying to take control of a saloon. First player to capture the flag wins (and will probably have to take a drink. Losers must always take drinks, by the way. Them’s the rules).


    Read more about K.O.T.S. here! Includes download link.

    As the final game of WEEKEND OF SETS, we put out Alaska, a game we can only define as a “micro-SHMUP”. Alaska is about the player, the final boss, and the end. 


    Read more about Alaska here or play it here!

    These 3 games are our way of saying “thank you you’re awesome” to the players and fans and indie game devs who’ve supported Sets and Settings throughout 2012, and we are extremely excited to make more games in 2013!

    High fives all around.

    - Andrew & Folmer

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