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    Last weekend we released Baburu, a game about grappling hooks and getting money. Baburu was made in 3 days and started as a thing Andrew was messing around with because Andrew is incapable of NOT making games at all times. 

    At first it was a let’s-get-this-done-in-a-couple-of-hours type deal, we planned to use super-minimalist pixel art for it:


    Neat, but it didn’t do the concept justice (also, the tiles looked reaaaaally boring). Our focus quickly turned to polish, or “juice” as the buzzword seems to be these days. We discussed where to take the game and after I tried my hand at a new art style, we decided that what it needed was the feeling of it being bubbly— hence the game being called Baburu.  

                                                     BABURU YAAAAY! Early player sprite design

    Andrew tackled the bubbly challenge by adding a ton of really cool details in the code, things like making the player bounce when hitting a wall and on-screen elements that would grow in when entering a room. I did my part by making everything round. 

    a screenshot kewl

    In the end, we’re really happy with how it came out, and while it’s still an exercise in limited design / rapid development, the amount of polish and details we got into it really makes it shine.

    It’s up on Newgrounds with leaderboards so go and show off!


    - Folmer

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