Irrupt a fast paced game that requires quick reflexes, great timing, and strategic thinking on the fly.

    Buy it now for $.99 on iTunes

    Kastle - a one button auto-runner about modern day (or possibly futuristic) castles. Our January #1GAM entry.


    Read more about it here, or play it on Newgrounds.

    Alaska - a game we can only define as a “micro-SHMUP.” Alaska is about the player, the final boss, and the end.

    Read more about Alaska here, or play it on Newgrounds.

    K.O.T.S. - A 4 player game about tiny gunslingers with big guns to slong, trying to take control of a saloon.

    Get K.O.T.S. here.

    FEVERISH WHALE BLAST - a game that answers the questions of life, getting older, and the futility of it all.

    Play is now on andrew’s website.

    Nice Shoot - a platform game with random elements (note, this was made for Ludum Dare and might be kind of broken in some ways).

    Play it now on Kongregate

    GRAVNAV - a one button auto-runner… with a twist!

    Play it on Newgrounds 

    Handheld Video Game - A game about a game inside of a Gameboy.

    Play it on Newgrounds